Bowl Games & CFB Playoff

That Cincinnati/Louisville game
Awkward Ed Helms GIF by The Office
Kansas ties the game. Recovered onside kick and goes 50 yards for a touchdown and 2 point for the tie with 46 seconds to go in the game.


Talk about bad officiating- last regulation play they got it wrong in almost every way. No consequence but you ought to know wtf you’re doing.
I've not been impressed with Ol Miss starting QB. If Altmyer can't beat him out I'm a little concerned how he will do with us. That being said, Dart isn't getting much time to throw. So who knows.
Woah…. Altimeter may play.

Dart got smashed
We shall see….question I had in another thread.
Dart got lit up by a massive DT. Tough shot. Wonder if he will be out for the game. Maybe 2 years in a row ole Miss qb gets hurt in bowl game.