Cincinnati 71, Illinois 51 Postgame

In the Marquette game, Shaka Smart was pacing, talking to his guys, slapping the floor, and working the refs while Brad sat. Last night, Wes Miller was talking to his guys, pacing the line, working the refs while Brad sat with his arms crossed and a pouty look on his face. Players reflect their coach.
I understand what you are saying but I dunno if being/not being intense and animated on the sidelines is really the issue. I have to admit…knowing what I thought I knew about Underwood. Real surprised he hasn’t gone Cherynobyl
the last two games.

I have no idea if this is the case. But maybe he’s trying to take the opposite approach and model a real calm presence.
ANOTHER 80s Celts Reference: KC Jones used to say less than Harpo Marx…that worked out okay.

In regards to Shaka. He seems like a decent human being. But let’s not forget that Shaka fizzled out like a bad fart in Texas. It doesn’t bother me one bit that he turned down Illinois.
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I'm not sure what's wrong but it seems like we have a ton of great individual players that have zero chemistry playing together. I think, pure conjecture, that coach Underwood is trying to hold it together long enough to find that secret sauce that brings them together as a team and they figure out how to feed off one another. Pretty hard to coach that chemistry into them individually. Our back court is just... it's a mess. I think Underwood keeps trying different things until it clicks. Having new assistants throws an additional wrench into the mix. IMHO of course.
I would like to see an offense where we run plays which do not require one guy taking up 20 seconds of a shot clock. In the Marquette game they pressed and we used 8 seconds to get the ball across and then another 5 to 7 seconds to position ourselves in the half court. Belo dribbles 10 and gave us little or no time to even have multiple looks. Move the basketball by NOT dribbling so much. You can get into a play without dribbling. Screen the Screener action maybe needed right now. You don't screen, the play will not be for you. MJ made a living off screen the screener. Also, we will pick up a few more back doors with some action. Dribbling can't be the answer to our problems. Ball movement and player movement will make us harder to guard. Belo will find plenty of opportunities if we rotate the ball. Any team can guard the first pass, good defensive teams handle the second rotation, it takes a really great team to stay with the 3rd rotation! Belo will 'eat up' teams and his magic will shine through with a little more ball movement. I don't mind the ball in his hands with 10 sec or less but we have to get movement sooner so players get touches and have a feel on the offensive end.
I put my trust in Brad Underwood. He got us this far and deserves our faith for awhile.

However, even if he is a wizard at solving basketball team woes and rights this ship, I am unsure if it’ll be enough or too late. We are approaching a point where we have to at LEAST go 10-10 in conference (never a guarantee with an inconsistent team) and that’s if we only lose 1 or 2 more non-con games. (That Arizona game is looming large now)

If he can capture the team from the first 9 minutes and hold onto that, we can get a protected seed in the dance.

If the team that finished the final 30 minutes of that game shows up the rest of the year, we may not make the NIT.
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This one by the numbers (10 point favorite and 20 point loss= -30 points) is the worst loss that I could find in Illinois history. Somebody help me if there is one worse. The UNLV game at UC in 2011 was bad but nowhere near this one.
My worst loss will always be to the tarholes in 2005...I know it's not what you are basing your post on , but that loss will hurt me into the afterlife with the Ancients.............
My worst loss will always be to the tarholes in 2005...I know it's not what you are basing your post on , but that loss will hurt me into the afterlife with the Ancients.............
Credit the zebras for that one. They let that doughboy assault our defensive bigs.