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Is there anyone on this forum who, if they were not an Illini fan, not take a job at Kentucky over Illinois if the pay was somewhat equal?
I would never take a job with Calipari, even if he was the coach at Illinois. Never have liked him wherever he has been.
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This just occurred to me.....hopefully not misremembering but, didn't we lose Asst Tracy Webster and a wing named Darius Miller to Kentucky approximately 15 years back? So aren't they used to taking our lunch money?
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I'll take "I only work for Hall of Fame HCs" Powell and either:
1 Robinson
2 "own the midwest" recruiter Ostrom.
1. There is no reason to ever read anything Rees Woodcock writes "closely."
2. "With the Bulldogs, Powell has helped form the team into a national title contender..." The idea that Gonzaga were not already title contenders until Powell arrived is laughable.
3. I obviously read the Powell one closely as you suggested and instantly regretted it. See point #1 above.

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Phillips Exeter is one of the very top academic schools in the country. It is not a school to "rehabilitate GPA's" or focus on basketball. Maybe that's why he started his college ball at Holy Cross instead of a Power 5 school.
Correct, I am quite familiar with Exeter. (The "rehabilitate GPA" quote came from another post btw.) I seem to remember something like he didn't play at his original school in California. So I latched on the "late bloomer" description in the original post.
While he was here, we signed 5 McD AA's, 4 actually played. There were a couple more top 50 guys.
Jimmy Collins was a stud......depending on ranking sites at the time, he would have signed 2 #1 players in the country over a 3 class period if Ben Wilson wasn’t killed.

1985 - Ben Wilson - Simeon

1987 - Marcus Liberty - King

Should have won one anyways......but would have rolled to NC with Ben Wilson in Champaign.
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