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Loyalty After Dark strikes again....
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I don't disagree that it's a big deal. And neither do BU and JW which is why they did all they could to keep him. It's just that it's not a program crusher.

Other McDonald's All Americans besides those previously listed under the Lou/Jimmy regime:

Lou/Yates = Derek Harper
Lon/Judson = Marcu Griffin, Frankie Williams, Brian Cook
Self/Roberts = Dee Brown, Charlie Villanueva (committed)
Weber/Webster = Jereme Richmond
Lou/Yates: Efrem Winters, Bruce Douglas in 1982.

Audie Matthews was possibly top 25 in 1975.
Ked Prince o WDWS earlier said Cory Bradford really wants on staff. Is he coaching? He also said Chin and OA have talked to all the recruits telling them to stay at UI... said Underwood has also talked to them.
I don’t think Bradford has been coaching. Think he was playing in foreign league as late as last year.