Coaching Carousel

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Will be a moot point if Young is in fact the 3rd guy, but Hendrickson seemed impressed with the list of candidates he was getting calls from regarding the IL assistant positions.
What’s a Hendrickson?
Well, now he is. :D

Also, it's the wrong LinkedIn page. My bad.
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With Alexander's history with Underwood, I'm surprised he wasn't hired to replace Walker.
Reading the tea leaves....I feel good about announcing that I believe...we will have an assistant announcement Wednesday (of course) or within 24 hrs of BU'S Next press conference...sorry 0440 couldn't help it 😎
Man, having played for him when he was head coach at Ga Southern, it would be a weird “full circle of my basketball life” type stuff if CY ended up at Ga Southern
That’s wild! What do you think about him?
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