English Premier League 2020-2021

Baja Ontario
LFC - 26 of 30 points in the final 10 matches, with wins in the final five, and moving from 8th in the table on Feb. 7 to 3rd at the end. Nat Phillips, who was headed to Swansea on loan, and Rhys Williams, who was to get playing time at the 6th level, solidified the centerback positions. Most definitely a positive finish and well punctuated by the fans in the stands at Anfield today. Now the wait for the first training match.
Montgomery, IL
Brentford defeats Swansea City 2:0 in the EFL Championship play-off final, clinching the final promotion spot. For the Bees, it will be their first time playing English top-flight football since 1947.
Montgomery, IL
Certainly not the news I wanted to see today:

Nuno Espirito Santo appears to be the odds on favorite to replace Ancelotti. Other names being rumored include Eddie Howe, David Moyes, Antonio Conte, and Rafa Benitez with names like Graham Potter, Gareth Southgate, Paulo Fonseca, and Frank Lampard being seen as longshots.

Lots of rumblings today about Conte to Spurs. Of those available, he'd probably be my top choice.
i think lampard should be given another chance.

otherwise, it's just the same old story between Sarri, Conte, Benitez, Ancelotti constantly moving clubs every couple of years. seems there's not much managerial stablility anymore. pep and klopp staying as long as they have is very fortunate for those clubs but they have to wonder how long they have until they move on too e.g. barca comes calling for pep again. and somehow many of these managers are winning titles in their first year (granted, they are great managers and they're typically not stepping into a dumpster fire unless jose was just sacked). i'm torn between wanting a proven winning manager even if only for a couple of years and giving arteta more time to re-build.
Montgomery, IL
Spurs insiders indicating that Conte is a done deal and Kane has agreed to stay on for at least the next 12 months.
As if things weren't going swimmingly enough at Everton, now there are reports that Richarlison wants to join Ancelotti at Real Madrid.
real madrid only has eyes for mbappe at the moment. i'm hoping we can get odegaard back for more; much preferred him over ceballos.
Sounds like the Everton job is down to either Rafa Benitez or Roberto Martinez. Benitez has the support of the owner but his comments when he was Liverpool manager calling Everton a "small club" may not endear him to the Everton supporters. Martinez has the support of the director of football and the club chairman. Benitez's availability at the moment may also play in his favor.