Game Thread: Illinois at Michigan State

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Moving screen not called cost us 2
Which one? Feels like TF is getting moved out on every defensive play.

Edit: I do understand that they only have 2 points, so I know the one you mean.
Just wanted to observe that it wasn't the only one where TF was bodied pretty hard.
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Not hitting open shots...we’d already be up by 10
Well, MSU looks like garbage early.
I love
it that Ayo is flushing fast breaks this year. They are fouling us down low every time.
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Trent fighting through screens like a rabid Cujo coming after your babies.
North Bethesda, Maryland
Well, I don’t mean to jinx anything, because we’ve seen that anything is possible in the B1G, but we are so much more talented. It’s weird to see an MSU team that looks more like Minny or PSU.
Curbelo gets waaaay too deep with nowhere to go with the ball!!!!
The announcers just said that Ayo and Magic are the only players in Big Ten history to have 2 triple doubles in league play in the same season. WOW.
Then Curbelo gets decked right in front of the zebra who throws up his hands. Gonna be that kind of night I guess.
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Sigh...Curbelo not ready for Prime Time.
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Belo just is out of control at times. We haven't scored in nearly 4 minutes
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