Game Thread: Illinois at Michigan State

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MSU has settled down on offense, we haven't
Scottsdale, AZ
Too Careless with the ball and missing wide open shots. 5:20 minutes w/o scoring!!!
If I'm MSU, I find who Curbelo is supposedly guarding and get him the ball every time...5-2 game becomes 5-10 with Curbelo in
Two steps forward one step back....sigh.

Edit: I know it's early.
Curbelo has to come out
If I were a scientist/inventor and wanted to apply/file for my first patent, in order to make my millions, I'd opt for an idea I've had since last November ----a "turnover machine".

I think I have the perfect formula.
Sometimes I feel curbelo comes in, turns it over and then infects the rest of the team with the same bug
Not open for further replies.