Game Thread: Illinois at Michigan State

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To add insult to injury, I get a text from my mobile carrier........"upset watch"! About an hour late....duh!
13 points 9 mins.. we (alumni who root for this team, not to be mistaken for the actually basketball team, even though....) have a lot of time left.
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If you happen to be stoned questions:

Do you think Nike is mad that Curbelo wears the logo upside down?
I am not upset. It is not our boys are not trying. They are trying, husting and fighting. Consistently bad calls. 50/50 balls bouncing against us all night.

It is an off-night, not our night and I am over it.

These are a group of great young men.
It takes a lot to be more frustrating than our team at times, but I can always count on the incompetency of Big 10 officials to take it to new heights. My god, please fix this GLARING problem!!!!!!
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