Game Thread: Illinois at Michigan State

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Refs have not been important to this game up to this pt., but they have made at least a half dozen calls that were simply wrong under the rules of the game. I would love to hear how they defend them at a review. Either they are ignorant, biased, out of position, or are guessing.
Just caught up live. What the !!!!.is going on in East Lansing. JFC.
I am not upset. It is not our boys are not trying. They are trying, husting and fighting. Consistently bad calls. 50/50 balls bouncing against us all night.

It is an off-night, not our night and I am over it.

These are a group of great young men.
Definitely a group of great young men. I love 'em all. However, let's not pretend that they gave max effort tonight, especially in the first half. They were consistently not getting back on defense and we're getting out hustled on the glass. That combined with just sloppiness is what got us to this point. Sometimes these games aren't a bad thing. It puts you in your place and maybe the coaches words are heard again. Quick turnaround Thursday, which is a good thing.
Williams has to shoot the wide open 3
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This is like our team is the kids in the commercial trying to run from the chainsaw killer. They just hide in the barn with him, then run to the cemetary.
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DMW has had a couple shot opportunities, but has turned them down. I wish he would shoot a couple just to make the defense honest!
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