Game Thread: Illinois at Michigan

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There was the first “saw it coming” mistakes by Curbelo with that charge. Thankfully big lead and under 5:00 left will negate him picking up his 4th. But he has had quite a game tonight. Just what team needed.
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I would seriously NOT be able to comprehend this if I were a skunkbear fan. Just... what?
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If I was Coach Underwood I would put my son into the game now and give him specific instructions to do as many And 1 type trick dribble type moves he can do up and down the court.

Just to let Michigan know:

This. My white bread son doin his best Professor impression on you with 6 minutes left in the game. This is how badly we whooped y'all ***.

That's that Sun Zi level psychological warfare.
I want it, but that's also perfect bulletin board material for if we play them again in the BTT.

Maybe do it then if we have a similar result. 😉
In terms of wins and losses we are first place in big ten with this win right?
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I'll bet my beach house that "Blue Walmart" doesn't come back to this site.
Such a pity. I mean, he went to all that trouble to register this morning. And delayed his mom from texting her needlework group.
What happens in the rankings, can we find minutes for Ayo, wonderful problems.
I am not sure why Howard is complaining about the refs as they only have 4 fouls and we have more than 10 in the half
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