Game Thread: Illinois at Michigan

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Evansville, IN
But for those 20 minutes in the middle, this has been a pretty even game. :eek:
North Bethesda, Maryland
Looks like Jawan is the whiner tonight...where’s that poster?
Well, it is a good thing Underwood didn't give them some bulletin board material or they would have really whooped us even worse lol.
Winged Warrior
Dan start the post game thread early!! Loyalty schadenfreude!!!
Thank you Wellington.
Wellington Florida 2.jpg
This makes up for so many, if not all, of the prime time losses on ESPN over the last 7-8 years (minus last year)
Evansville, IN
Gosh, can you believe Mich has to play MSU in less than 48 hours. Boy I hope they are able to recover with such a brutal schedule. Really feel bad about that scheduling snafu.

Chevy Chase, Maryland
Illini have never beaten a team ranked this high on the road. Ever. #3 Indiana (Nick's shot from the hash) in March '89 was the highest.

And we're going to beat them by nearly 30. Historic stuff.
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