Game Thread: Illinois at Minnesota

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Logan Square, Chicago
Long time lurker first time poster. This game reminds me of the last couple of games of the Weber era. I have the same feeling watching this as I did the last week of the 11-12 season. You just get the feeling that it's all coming to an end. You can see it in John's face. You can see it in the players faces. i refuse to spend another cent on tickets or merchandise until he is fired. Hate that my first post is like this, but it's time.

I agree, I get that feeling. And I still really want Groce to succeed.

But I always crack up when people say they are going to stop buying merchandise until they get what they want. THAT'LL SHOW 'EM!
oh god
Logan Square, Chicago
I really hope I eat crow

That's the spirit! It may suck to be an Illini fan, but at least you can enjoy the hope of victory over the Big Ten JV team:)
Keep attacking .....enough of this dribbling and taking time off. Win this thing
Logan Square, Chicago
Man, Finke is going to be so good for us
Did anyone else notice the Minnesota player that got yanked, crying? That sucks to see honestly.
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