Game Thread: Illinois at Minnesota

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We are clearly the better team and the only way they beat us is being stupid with the ball. Possessions count. Maximize ours and minimize theirs. I have spoken.
If we end the game with more points scored, I like our chances of us being on the winning side.
Eh man.

Why is the Barn so echo-y?

Can someone please turn down the reverb on this arena?

And is it me, or do these rims seem like some hard, clanky outdoor rims?

Cheap !!! home court.
One thing for sure, Brad and staff took full advantage of the 2 week layoff, and got our men ready to play. Just an outstanding operation all the way around, especially in contrast to how SCUM, last year's rival for the Big Ten title, has totally imploded this year.
Does it seem like our 'ugly stretches' occur around the same time in a given half? Between the 4-8 minute mark? Or was that just this game and the Iowa game?
Yeah, kinda sorta…I think so. Of the
games I’ve been lucky enough to actually watch that is.
I can't believe that in The Year of Our Lord 2022 there's a coach intentionally instructing his players to go under perimeter screens
Don't want to be disrespectful of the Gophers....but I can't figure out what with what skills they are above avg. At least we know our guys are sloppy with the ball....and that is about it.
Man, this Minnesota team don't belong on the court with us.

This like one of them open gym pickup games where you quit and go home before you even tired cuz embarrassing a bunch of scrubs ain't really doin nothin for you.


I had to step away for a minute but have we seen RJ? I know the other freshmen have been in.
Love me some Monte but he has to give better post entry passes
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