Game Thread: Illinois at Minnesota

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Bethesda, Maryland
I'm just about prepared to admit that my Monday prognostication was a little bit off. It does indeed appear the Illini will win this one. (Underwood's pregame presser had me fooled.)
It was up In The air beforehand. Really didn’t know how they’d come out. They’ve just destroyed the Gophers. They gave up at 16 mins.

Very very pleased.
One thing for sure, Brad and staff took full advantage of the 2 week layoff, and got our men ready to play. Just an outstanding operation all the way around, especially in contrast to how SCUM, last year's rival for the Big Ten title, has totally imploded this year.
Illini were shut down most of the time since the Mizzou game. 10 positive COVID tests on team and staff when the returned from Christmas. So preparation was limited. But still they look amazingly sharp tonight
I hate to be that guy that nitpicks on night like this…but Jake, dude…

like Bardo said…if you’re gonna foul the dude… foul the dude…stay in front of him. No one blew a whistle.
Loving this game. Pure domination on these goofy rodents. All in on the Illini!
6 to go and Mi. down 10
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