Game Thread: Illinois at Nebraska

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Montgomery County, Maryland
1 yard line: got 'em right where we want 'em

edit: oh well. can't be bailed out by a holding call every time down there...
Oswego, IL
It was said earlier, but these refs aren't good...we've just benefitted from their calls most of the game.

Edit: This is in regards to the late touchdown call. The side judge running in basically took where the ball ended up several seconds after the whistle.
don't think you need hindsight to scratch your head on why you would give the opponent an opportunity to set themselves and come up with a play on 4th and 5 at the 50. If the D is not prepared for a situation such as this (from gaming it in practice) then we continue to be unprepared.

If you think you can stop them at the 50 on 4th down - then all TOs are like gold. Basically lovie was playing not to lose, rather than to win in that situation.
It was a good timeout imo, as a former player I immediately saw the personnel on the field was not suitable to cover the players they were going to have to guard. Might've gone for a touchdown instead of a first down.
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