Game Thread: Illinois at Nebraska

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Martinez killed US the past two years. Will he play second half?
That's what I'm wondering. I think Frost will just stick with his decision and give McCaffrey more experience.
I'm trying to think if we could feasibly build an insurmountable lead....given we're Illinois. Perhaps 42-10 after 3 quarters??

NEB would then need four 4th quarter TD's, while successfully converting the 2-point conversion on all 4 of them.

Convinced. 42-10 is the margin we need!!
Hind site is always 20/20
don't think you need hindsight to scratch your head on why you would give the opponent an opportunity to set themselves and come up with a play on 4th and 5 at the 50. If the D is not prepared for a situation such as this (from gaming it in practice) then we continue to be unprepared.

If you think you can stop them at the 50 on 4th down - then all TOs are like gold. Basically lovie was playing not to lose, rather than to win in that situation.
Fake Punt: One of the most entertaining plays I've ever seen in pro/college football! Having an Aussie (who likely hasn't yet learned all the rules of American football) run the ball......
Oswego, IL
Hate to see that stall out, but I'll take a three td lead midway through the 3rd.
I’ll take the three as well. Took a bunch of time off the clock.
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