Game Thread: Illinois at Rutgers

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Yes, I think this could be a signature win which could turn the season and recruiting around. Still a lot of 4 stars waiting for this victory before committing.
I’ll take two of whatever you’re having.
O line has made adjustments! Looking good! We need to make some plays off of that last play!
Western Illinois
One other thing that pisses me off is how we always seem to run the sweep to the short side of the field. I used to watch a high school team that did the same thing. Am I missing something with that? Is there a logical reason that I'm not seeing?
I hope your right, but keep in mind this is Illinois! As one of my coaches used to say when somebody continually messed up "you could F-up a peanut butter sandwich". That literally seems to be Illinois football.
That’s an excellent saying. I’m afraid our guys wouldn’t even be able to get the lid off the jar.

My fear right now is that we’re going to squeak out a win in a very embarrassing fashion and the train will keep on rocking down the rails to derail another day.
Do we have 1 play to the tight end. Poor Ford. What a mistake to come here.
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