Game Thread: Illinois at Rutgers

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Western Illinois

Agree to an extent! But when you're standing right next to the receiver and you let him just catch the ball... that's not in the coaches! That's on the player! Hobbs specifically!
I agree, I think there is plenty of blame go around.
If we score here I can exhale a little bit! I'm liking what I'm seeing right now! Give the defense some rest and confidence!
I wonder if we could get that Aflac guy to be our coach.
Whew! I can breathe again! I was getting light headed for a second there lol!
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Nice drive. I can’t see how a light QB sustains that many run keepers over the course of a game. He got it done on that drive.
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That drive is the blueprint for IW to be a B1G QB. Need to hit open receivers 2-3 times per drive to keep the defense honest. And of course convert the third downs. Do that with moderate competence and you can beat them with athleticism.
Juice looked really bad his first several games, too, if you remember. He turned out okay. ;) Get IW the game reps and give him a chance. Just might surprise.
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Rutgers stalling while we're getting into a rhythm. Do we have a game?
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