Game Thread: Illinois at Rutgers

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Good field position for a change! Need to score again here! Nice field of that punt by Frenchie!
Ok, a break on defense and good field position. Let's go!
Let’s see if we can get a lead before the half!!! This would be nice change >LOL. Williams is running the offense better now
Having trouble lining up at right tackle. Tough to see. one half.
We have to quit beating ourselves! The center has to do better than that! If we can't get the snap we can't do anything! Get the darn ball up a little bit! Come on now! You practice it everyday all day!
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It definitely helps out our defense when the offense can stay on the field and give the D a rest.
Why does the Rutgers assistant coach even have a mask if he doesn’t wear it? Lol
We have to figure out some better run plays than that crazy sweeping run to Epstein!
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The difference between making that throw and missing it is the difference between having a career here and not. On one drove he hit those receovers and we scored. On the others, not. Sometimes it is a simple game.
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