Game Thread: Illinois vs Maryland

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Wichita, KS
We fold under pressure no way we should have missed those two free throws, out inability to make jump shots still mis our achilles heel
Wichita, KS
Game over and we deserve to lose, lose to MD at home without their starting PG SMH........
This is the normal outcome when you let a team that you should beat hang around and you play with no urgency or, hell, any interest. NW second halves are the exception.
We just cannot beat this team. We lost this game when they had 5 trip and no score and we had 4 with a three point lead and they made a and 1 to tie it up. We really need to wake up
Illini will not lose this game due to stinking it up...but Maryland will win because they played hard and very well. Not our best game...but it was theirs.
Some should have told Curbelo to stop taking the fadeaways in a game where we're not up 15
Their PG out, going by committee with no true PG, why not use some of the old BU pressure? I get it wasn’t going to work 40 minutes, but for stretches against a favorable matchup, why not?
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