Game Thread: Illinois vs Nebraska

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AC continues to drive me nuts! He has missed Millers at least 5 times in the first 5 minutes of the 2nd half. Miller was easily the best scorer in the 1st half. How do you play pg and have no awareness of where you need to go with the ball.
You really really don't like Belo
What is with the ColeHawk sub patterns? Give the kid some time. Allen basically shoved him to the floor on that play.
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I have the ticket in my coat pocket somewhere
Illini playing with a ton of speed and hustle. Wild at times, but fun to watch. All told, better than I expected us to be without Ayo. Really glad these young men chose to rise to the occasion and give it everything they had.
I said in the pregame thread that I wanted DMW to take at least 5 shots tonight. That 3 was his fifth shot. Glad to see him stepping up.
Nebraska is a disciplined team. Not gonna start playing sloppy and giving up easy transition buckets like Minnesota did
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