Game Thread: Illinois vs North Carolina A&T

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Quick thoughts:
- our big three are truly that. Three absolute studs
- Damonte continues to do all the right things, and now makes threes
- quiet half for Trent, that’s fine
- Giorgi still missing bunnies, might be the back up 5 this year and that’s it
- curbelo and Hawkins looked as good as you’d want in their first freshman half
- Hope Grandison was just rust/jitters before that made three. He was a hot mess his first three minutes on the floor

1st half overall hot take: Covid is the top threat to our Natty.
Agree with everything. Will say I think Giorgi has always been destined for pretty much backup 5 duty only. By the end of last year that is what he was, and they have more options at the 4 this year than last.
I gotta think the only reason that wasn’t a foul is that were up by 50+... not a good reason to not blow the whistle. You gotta protect the players from contact like that
Think that 7second offense is working? 😎
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Only thing not to like, I wish I could be there live.....

I don't disagree....I remember how incredible the atmosphere in 04-05 was....but....I also remember watching them on TV and how much easier it was to appreciate just how good they really were.

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