Game Thread: Illinois vs Northwestern

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At this point in the game mr. Miller should be sitting on the bench and Granderson should be in the game with the Damonte, Ayo, Kifo, and Trent. you. Will not win the Big10 Championship with Miller jacking up 10 shots per game amd in game at End! put in Granderson he's older the game seems a little bit slower to him right now I don't get why Millers in the game at at the end of every game

Miller's defense is light years ahead of Grandison.
This is absolutely ridiculous that this game is still in the balance. Totally inexcusable.
Yes it is for a guard. Look how big Northwestern is currently now! And what we cant play defense with Ayo, Trent, and Damonte. Kofi and Granderson down lo?. 😂
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This could be very, very, bad
If we aren't playing at a foaming-at-the-mouth, unsustainable level of intensity and effort, we're a totally mediocre basketball team

That's just the reality. No different than last year in that regard.
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Free throws and turnovers. Still not solved.
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