Game Thread: Illinois vs Northwestern

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Scottsdale, AZ
We haven't played even like a top 20 team the last 2 games. Gez,, we played the 2 worst teams in the league and have struggled.
North Bethesda, Maryland
These last two games have made our ranking look like smoke and mirrors
Oswego, IL
A few thoughts from someone who just joined the game...

1. The color guy sounds like a fake Jay Bilas
2. Shaky/Blair Witch cam is tough to watch
3. WTF is this play
Big Boy time, time out probably interesting.
Baltimore, MD
very surprised that with our veteran leaders we consistently lack effort
We consistently play down to the level of our competition and it’s gonna bite us in the azz one of these times.
North Bethesda, Maryland
So, on that replay before the commercial, Nance was taunting our bench...technical...or is that just Trent?
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