Game Thread: Illinois vs Purdue

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Unfortunately JG has always had !!!!!! inbounds....kept me nervous for years


Rockford, Illinois
LOL, RR turned around and gave LH a high-five a few minutes ago after MH's driving layup and foul.

We have to be shooting over 50% from the field tonight. A first by a JG team at UI, I think.

54% from 2, 52% from 3 :D
Time to celebrate this one, fellas. Great W! Leaving AH early to beat the crowd. (Yes, I'm old.) Gotta show the wife my bobblehead LOL.
interesting they talk about Butler since JG and Chris are very good frineds and talk often

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Almost forgot how much fun it is to watch these games when we are winning.
We all needed that Win, great game
My signature, coming true a little early.

We're getting dangerous.

I've liked the signature since you added it, but shooting over 50% will make your team look good, it is still early and there will be ups and done. FT really helped cover the rebounding difference, we don't have a lot of margin, we are not very good on defense & not a good rebounding team, but just keep lighting it up like tonight and we have a chance...really think one of Thorne or Black making it back will be huge to shore up the inside.
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