Game Thread: Illinois vs Southern

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I'm a little behind real time, but they're up 31 while having 18 turnovers...I dont know how to feel
Five more and we have the same amount as Arizona had against them.
and he's leaving TSJ in after that?? lucky he didn't get injured severely. against a cupcake up 30+ you do NOT want to risk an injury to your star player
That was a big collision!!!

I am an athletic trainer - used to cover a juco school, that was always my biggest fear. There's 10 athletes on the floor, high speed playing several feet off the deck, somebody's bound to get hurt. I was always on edge during the game.

And they typically had 70 year old fatsos in stripes chasing them around. I dont know how I never had to do CPR on one of them in front of the crowd.
Hope Shannon isn’t injured. He’s playing really hard, but really wish he’d learn to jump stop and take a midrange shot.
We already know he can overwhelm lesser athletes on the way to the rim, but that won’t be the case against high level competition.


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No Ty for a while. I wonder why.
And as per usual, spoke too soon as he is back in with 3 mins to go.
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