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And now we're to the point in the match where the Mexican fans are really pissed about how they've been embarrassed tonight. Match now being paused due to the anti-gay chant from the Mexico fans.
And the Mexico fans chant did a couple more times, with the ref finally calling the match after the 2nd time.

USA wins 3:0. First we had dos a cero, now we have tres a cero.

Largest margin of victory for the U.S. over Mexico since the 2000 U.S. Cup when the U.S. also won by a 3:0 score. Largest margin of victory for either side since the 2009 Gold Cup final that Mexico won 5:0.

Nations League final will be Sunday at 8:00 PM CT.
U.S. getting ready to start play in the group stage of the Gold Cup against Jamaica. Match is being played at Soldier Field. Their other group stage matches will be on Wednesday night at CityPark in St. Louis vs. Saint Kitts and Nevis and next Sunday vs. Trinidad & Tobago at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte.
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