Illini Baseball 2024

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Crazy to think that this resembles the game threads for some universities basketball teams.


South Carolina
2015 was an outlier in Illini baseball history. They were one of the 10 best teams in the country and one of the 2-3 best Big 10 teams this century. It's almost unfair to compare any other team to them.

The standard here is to finish near the top of the Big 10 and hopefully make the tournament. This team has already done that.
Which leaves me with the same question, "Do we have enough pitching to pull off an upset and win the Lexington Regional?"
I live in Nashville and my wife is also from Knoxville. So I loosely follow along with UT sports. Was checking the NCAA Knoxville regional and didnt realize Indiana was in it. Then I noticed on the website, the straight line for todays USM-IU game that separates Indiana from the time was missing a space. It appears to spell Indianal. Which made me laugh for about 5 minutes, haha! Yes yes, I know, I have the sense of humor of a 10 year old. And I am totally ok with that, haha!

3-0 Indiana St. No outs. 3rd inning. Runners are on 2nd and 3rd. Regan Hall now pitching.


Nappanee, IN
If we don't miraculously win this one, do we play again tomorrow? Or is it single elimination now?


Nappanee, IN
We're done with a loss. Tournament is double elimination. The winner of this one would have to beat Kentucky later today and again tomorrow to move onto the super regional. Kentucky only has to win today to advance.
Guess if I'd thought about it a little longer...we already have 1 loss. Duh

Captain Bubbles

Fairfield, IL
One of our baseball players at the community college I work at will be playing for Indiana State next year as a pitcher. Gotta give Coach Hannahs credit for the program he's built up at Indiana State.