Illini Basketball 2024-2025

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Welcome to the Illini Basketball & College Basketball news thread :illinois:

Season Ticket Info

Reported non-conference schedule
Eastern Illinois (November 4th)
Oakland (date TBD)
Alabama in Birmingham, AL (November 20th)
Arkansas in Kansas City, MO (November 28th)
Tennessee (December 14th)
Missouri in St. Louis, MO (December 22nd)
Duke in Madison Square Garden, NYC (February 22nd)

Big Ten opponents
Home Only – Iowa, Maryland, Ohio State, Penn State, Purdue, UCLA, USC,
Away Only – Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Oregon, Rutgers, Washington
Home & Away – Michigan State, Northwestern, Wisconsin
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White and Sixth
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Chad Fleck

Eureka, IL
Only a few weeks to go from Meh on KJ to potential B1G POY. Lol.

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To be fair, I think it shows the wide range of possibilities with a lesser known player. This was all about the best case scenario.
lead us to the promised land, Ben

this team is shaping up to be a "death by 1000 cuts" deal, on paper anyway. our depth is great, so Brad is gonna be able to correct things immediately. practice is going to be intense
Bro Joel ... yes Ben has the look and feel of a winner ... this 24/25 bball squad must pass the gel factor to really determine how well all the transfers, new bees and returnees skill sets fit together.
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