Illini Football 2021

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I’ll take it if we get the results Stargell & Parker did

I think your point about the B10 West is important. If we get to .500 in conference that would be huge and would mean we are winning games against well established programs. Loren Tate had some figures on how good and consistent NW, Iowa, and Wisconsin have been over a number of years. Just because we are getting better doesn’t mean they will get worse. Add to that teams that we would have expected to feast on a few years ago like Indiana, Purdue, Rutgers that have significantly raised their floor. While OSU is alone at the top, the B10 as a whole is as probably as strong as it has ever been. Not an easy time to be trying to climb the ladder.
I don't think you can definitively say that if we get better, others will get worse. BUT, if you recruit and sign some of the tier 1 players those schools were attempting to get, it can be that black and white. Those schools would then need to, hypothetically, recruit and develop 2nd and 3rd tier talent.

NW is a different story, but if the program BB develops is smart and physical along the same lines as Iowa and Wisconsin, it does become a zero sum game like that. Ultimately, it depends on how BB structures the program.
Updated scorecard:

1. Bhebhe - Leaving
2. Green - Leaving
3. Carney - Staying
4. Perry
5. Kramer - Staying
6. Palcho - Staying
7. Hansen - Leaving
8. Gay - Staying
9. Hobbs - Leaving
10. Woods - Staying
11. Lowe - Staying
12. Eifler - Leaving
13. Adams - Staying
14. Peters - Staying
15. Hayes - Staying
16. McCourt - Staying
17. D. Bhebhe - Leaving
18. K. Smith - Staying
19. Mondesir
20. D. Dan
Dallas-Fort Worth
Gotta have Perry. With a competent defensive coordinator next year he will improve his pro prospects.
The question about how many wins intrigued me. I will say we all suspected this roster to win a lot more based off the senior talent. I think it is a big plus we are getting a lot of these guys back. I think that should be tempered however depending on the number of returning seniors within the conference. If Minnesota is getting the same value as we are back, did we get an advantage? I guess that will depend on the new coaching staff.
So the current schedule is:
Dublin - Nebraska
Wisc (insert eyeball emojis)
@Fighting Flecks
North Dorks

Lock Wins - UTSA, Charlotte
Should Win - Maryland, Purdue, Rutgers
Toss Ups - Nebraska (I know the struggles but Frost's recruiting classes will be old now), Wisconsin (hammered us, but didn't look good the rest of the season and I feel as if our players are going to fight for BB) Flecks and Dorks (getting both of them near the end of the year is better for us settling into a new staff with new schemes) Virginia (they started bad last year. Let's hope they start bad again)
Prob Not - F Iowa and PedU

Disclaimer: I am working under the assumption that we will have a very good coaching staff that will raiser the level of our players or at the very least have a good game plan together. IF that is the case.....I can see 7 or 8 wins. 10 if somehow the offense is as good as we have seen them at their best and IF we take a HUGE LEAP on the defense. We will probably need to land those big fish on the transfer portal we are fishing for
If we started out 5-0 overall 3-0 B1G lookout!!
That being said I'll be happy with good sound football for 40 min Record will take care of itself But But lol
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