Illini Football 2021

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Any word on Bryant if he will be able to play this week. He will give us good depth and we need it because of the heat on Saturday. Saturday is almost here.
You hearing something 618 or a general statement about the season?
Oh I know not to use the I word. I’ll take General Statement for 5 Aaron Rodgers. In all seriousness about the program. We build em and prepare em for life on and off the field. BB I trust, just like I did with Lovie. Yeah take away the winning
percentage. But Lovie developed great young men and foundation to build on. BB will take it further imho.
Thanks everyone for the sage, disinterested advice. I went with the consensus and took the over. A $300 bet will return $522 if successful. I’m thinking I’ll have a pretty good idea of my chances after today’s game.
Not open for further replies.