Illini Football 2022

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Hahahaha, our coach is the best!


Opponents Points Per Game
2020: 34.9 (94th)
2021: 21.9 (25th)
2022: 14.4 (5th) (!!!)

Defensive Yards Per Game
2020: 467.3 (113th)
2021: 366.6 (43rd)
2022: 273.0 (t-3rd) (!!!)

Defensive Yards Per Play
2020: 6.3 (104th)
2021: 5.1 (31st)
2022: 4.3 (t-3rd) (!!!)

Opponents First Downs Per Game
2020: 24.6 (116th)
2021: 21.1 (70th)
2022: 15.0 (8th) (!!!)

Yards per Pass Attempt
2020: 8.9 (118th)
2021: 7.1 (43rd)
2022: 5.5 (3rd) (!!!)

Third Down Conversion Percentage
2020: 43.00% (89th)
2021: 35.33% (27th) (!)
2022: 28.57% (6th) (!!!)
Can't wait to see where we rank for the regular season. Huge accomplishment this year, but that PPG jump last year from 94th to 25th was incredible (and the 2H trend last year was even better)
BB firing across the bow of the NCAA/B1G ship! Good for him! BB showing he is not to be messed with, and rightly so. The credentials he brings to the table for us are impeccable.
yep, kept it classy and still raised a big middle finger. there should be plenty of bulletin board material for the immediate future coming out of this season
DeVito's year (to date). Illinois record pass completion % of 68.8 which tops Scheelhaase's 66.7. Passing efficiency 142.3 which tops Lunt's 141.6. Only 4 interceptions on the year which must be a school record but I can find no statistic to verify that. He is nowhere near guys like Eason, Kittner and George in total passing yards or touchdowns in a season, but he sure has been accurate.
We've seen stats about how stout our defense was all season long. Top 3 in the nation in a number of categories. Here's another stat. We allowed 147 points over 12 games. To put that in perspective the last time that we allowed fewer points than that was 1965, and we played only 9 games that year.

Mr. Tibbs

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Is that the same Alex Golesh that coached here roughly 10 years ago?
it is indeed

he will more than likely find himself as a HC in a Group of 5 school soon . His name was on a list for Cincy, but doubt they would take a chance on an OC like him. He needs to make his bones in the MAC or similar


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Wanted to provide that SP+ update. First, incredible to see Illinois finish in the top 20. Also, what a comeback from the special teams. Griffin might have solidified himself the starting kicking job next year with those final four games. Illinois' special teams rankings on SP+ were 92nd after week 8 and finished at 37th.

Big Ten West SP+
Preseason to Postseason Rankings

Preseason SP+: 79th
Postseason SP+: 15th

Preseason SP+: 27th
Postseason SP+: 28th

Preseason SP+: 31st
Postseason SP+: 16th

Preseason SP+: 17th
Postseason SP+: 43rd

Preseason SP+: 34th
Postseason SP+: 47th

Preseason SP+: 44th
Postseason SP+: 70th

Preseason SP+: 89th
Postseason SP+: 110th
We finished the regular season 15th in SP+ and 20th in FPI.

Most surprisingly good season that nobody is talking about because our resume isn't all that pretty (8-4 against the 52nd Strength of Schedule, 32nd in Strength of Record) so we don't have a number next to us (although we will likely get one if we win the bowl game, we're the unofficial Number 33 in the AP and get a shot at a ranked team).
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