Illini Football 2023

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Mr. Tibbs

southeast DuPage
what a change football programs have gone thru since the days of Ral Eliot when they had a total of 4 guys on staff
Head Coach, Offense Coach, Defense Coach , Water/Towel/Equipment guy
I guess there are some possibilities within our current roster for center? But sure would like to be hearing something about qb. Devito's solid play was huge, best in so many years


Colorado Springs, CO
Water Boy
Too bad he never got to meet up with Captain Insano.
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With the guys coming back, the recruits we have coming in, the minimal amount of personal losses (albeit, big losses), am I crazy to think we will be just as exciting to watch next year?!
Too early to say since guys can still come and go, but I’m very optimistic! Defense should be VG again. Offense is a work in progress with lots of potential.
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