Illini Football 2024

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Man this sucks. I will miss turning on the radio and hearing his excitement. You could tell he really loved his job and I always enjoy broadcasters who bring passion to the booth. Thank you Martin!
Any reason why he's stepping away? Just wanted a change in scenery?


South Carolina
I would think his B10 gig would pay better but I have no knowledge.
Personally, I can see the advantages in:
- following my alma mater in-person for half the year
- seeing every one of their games live and in-person
- being paid handsomely to do so (even if less than BTN money)
- perhaps opting to enjoy the low cost of living in Champaign-Urbana
- and having in-town access to Illini basketball during those six months I'm not working

Sorta close to a "dream job" one might say!


Chicago, IL
I'm sure he would also admit that he's not an xs and os kind of guy, he tends to look at either big picture or interesting perspectives. Good for a writer but not a broadcaster.
This is exactly what I was trying to say in a deleted post this morning but couldn't find the words.

He likes to get into the feel of things and relishes being a fan talking to fans. I don't think he'd think he was suited to broadcasting, either. He's found his niche and is really doing well at it
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