Illini Golfers in the Pros



St. Peters MO
Good start for Detry...


Herndon, VA
Detry finishes T17 after going bogey, double bogey to finish his round at the Valspar.
Hardy and ADDC did not make the cut.
Tough course.


Los Angeles
Detry finishes T17 after going bogey, double bogey to finish his round at the Valspar.
Hardy and ADDC did not make the cut.
Tough course.
Definitely a tough finish. Detry would've held onto a top-10 finish with a par-par. But on the bright side, he's been in a mini-slump lately so hopefully this is a sign of things to come.

Other Illini in action:
- Kuhl made the cut in Tulum (PGA Americas) but had a rough Saturday enroute to a T59
- Besard missed the cut by 3 in Singapore (DPWT)
- Stricker is back in form with a solo 7th at the Hoag Classic

Looks like all six are in the fields for their respective tours this weekend (KFT doesn't start up again until mid-April).


Los Angeles
The strong performance moves Detry to 27th in the Fedex Cup standings and 9th in the "Next 10" standings (golfers that weren't in the Top 50 last year). Next 10 is important since it can qualify him for entry in the Signature Events. He also moves to 64th in the world rankings, not enough for the Masters but he can make the U.S. Open if he slips into the top 60. Looks like Detry will be off this week - ADDC and Hardy in the field at the Texas Open.

Also Stricker got another top 10 in the Champions, with a T6 in the Galleri Classic. Besard (DPWT) and Kuhl (PGA Americas) made cuts but didn't crack the top 40 in their tournaments.


Herndon, VA
Good interview with Scott Langley, who retired from playing a few years back and is now the senior director of player relations for the USGA. Cool to see another Illini (and individual NCAA champion) that is still involved in the golfing world.

Just goes to show that there are many ways to be involved with golf at the highest levels besides being inside the ropes.


Los Angeles
Masters week, but unfortunately no Illini qualified this year. Detry is ranked 66th in the world (Top 50 qualified), while Hardy didn't qualify since his win at Zurich didn't give the full Fedex Cup points. I took a peek at the other majors to see if any Illini can qualify, the PGA Tour website lays out the details nicely (link):

PGA Championship:
Already Qualified: Stricker (Senior PGA winner)
Should be in: Detry (currently 65th on the "Special Money List" that they use to make the field. Top 70 automatically get in, and usually another dozen or so will make the field. Plus the Top 100 normally get in per the website.
Work to do: Hardy (109th) would need a couple strong finishes. ADDC (226th) would probably have to win an event.
Note: Mike Small probably won't make another field because the PGA Professional Championship always coincides with the Big Ten Championship.

U.S. Open:
Work to do: Detry can get in by getting inside the Top 60 in world rankings by May 20 or June 10. If not, he will have to qualify via sectionals, which is probably the only path for Hardy and ADDC barring a breakout performance. Plenty of other Illini (current and former) will likely try to qualify as well. The "longest day in golf" will be June 3rd, with 10 sectional qualifiers.

The Open:
Work to do: Everyone. I think the ones that have the best chance (in order) are Detry, Hardy, Besard, ADDC. There are a few paths:
Top 50 world ranking as of May 27th - probably only applies to Detry, but attainable if he keeps posting top-10 finishes
Qualify through a designated PGA Tour event - Canadian Open, Memorial, John Deere Classic (usually it's top 2 or 3 not already qualified)
Qualify through a designated DP World Tour event - KLM Open, Italian Open, Scottish Open
Get inside the top 20 in Fedex Cup points
Sectional Qualifier (I'm guessing only Besard will try this route, but he could definitely pull it off)


Los Angeles
Looking ahead, Detry will likely qualify for the next signature event, the RBC Heritage, via the "AON Swing 5". Quite impressive, considering he only played 2 of the 4 events.

Signature Events

The following week will be the Zurich Classic, where Nick Hardy and Davis Riley will look to defend their title. No word on Detry or ADDC, will they form an all-Belgian team?

Zurich Classic Teams