Illini Golfers in the Pros

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With a T4 in the PGA Championship, Detry's rankings improve quite a bit:

54th in World Rankings (up from 71)
20th in Fedex Cup Standings (up from 42)

Detry is now qualified for the following:

2024 U.S. Open (top 60 world ranking)
2025 Masters (top 4 in 2024 PGA Championship)
2025 PGA Championship (top 15 in 2024 PGA)
Signature events (he should have enough Fedex Cup points to qualify)
Fedex Cup Playoffs are pretty much a sure thing, with a great shot to make East Lake
Olympics (Detry and ADC will likely make the field as the top two Belgians in the world rankings)

The only thing he's not qualified for this year is the Open - he'll need a strong finish in one of the Open Qualifier events to get in (i.e. John Deere Classic).


Los Angeles
Good start for both Illini in the field at the Canadian Open.



My dear old dad worked for Volkswagen of America in the 60s. One of the greatest ad slogans and campaigns of all time was "Think Small."

Now I say "Think Big" Mike Small at American Family this week.

Good luck, coach.

And I bet there will be a mention or two about Illini golf. There should be.
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