Illini in the NBA

Thought it was interesting to see Coby subbed in over Ayo with ~2 min left in the 4th after Caruso fouled out.
I would think that when they need energy and defense in the middle of the game Ayo would be playing. When they need offense Coby would get the call. Would expect to see Ayo during the middle of the game more often and Coby at the end when it is close. Ayo does not have the offensive fire power yet.
Ayo ranked #7 in CBS NBA Rookie Rankings:

This article is a weekly ranking for a particular week. Still impressive. The Athletic has Ayo ranked the #13 rookie to this point in the year. For the year, he is shooting 41.2% from behind the arc. Once again pretty impressive compared to what scouts were projecting.
Paducah, Ky
I’m here for it!!!!! He BOOMED him!