Illini Women's Basketball 2023-2024

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Illini dominating Wash St at the Half 42 - 28. To me, Wash St looks slow, but Pullman is a long ways from Indy so perhaps this is part of it.

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62-45 at the end of the third. First game I've watched since Saturday. This performance takes the sting out of it a bit. Hope we save some for Nova. They are going to be a handful. No matter what, though, this has been a heck of a way to close out the season and a tremendous proof of concept for Shauna to show players in the portal.


Paducah, Ky
This Illini team play in this tourney is the best stretch of performance this season.....

The cohesiveness of play right now would have been a dangerous team in the NCAA Tourney if we had played this good all season long.....JMHO
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