Illini Women's Basketball

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For the 2021-22 season our average home attendance was 1237.
Shauna improved it quite a bit in 2022-23


No longer in New England
Jessica Moore from Palmer, Alaska. Played at UConn then 8 years in the WNBA

Won 3 national championships, tore her ACL in 2nd half of #3 & stayed in the game.
Kendall is a rebounding machine.

Hopefully adding Camille Hobbs will increase our team rebounding advantage from +5 to +10. That would add a few more wins!


All time greatest rebounder
Kamryn Kitchen 2025 4 star 5'9"
Charlotte NC

Illini recruiting nationwide. Of course AAU teams and summer camps make it a lot easier to see recruits play. Very different than Nick Nolte travelling all over country in "Blue Chips"

Indiana farm
Lousiana bayou
Chicago projects
Likely Iowa. Her Davenport teammate, Journey Houston, has already committed to them.
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