Illinois 47, Northwestern 14 Postgame

Wasn't able to catch the game but will watch all the highlights later tonight. Very happy that not only did we beat the Wussy cats but won in blow out fashion. Northwestern's head coach always gets his team very up and hyped to play Illinois and glad he lost in embarrassing fashion. Sorry purple wearing wussy cat fans. The days of the Illini just laying down are changing. We're called the FIGHTING Illini for a reason . I love Coach Bielema as our head coach(he gets Big Ten football and takes recruiting very seriously. Wow what a concept huh? ) and I'm optimistic where Illini football is headed with Coach Bielema leading the way.Glad the seniors were able to go out with a win.


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This is like Seinfeld's Bizzaro-world where everything is opposite. Usually after the NW football game I'm feeling sick to my stomach, and need a tune up of Hoops vs University of Texas State San Luis Obispo Valley River A&M to make me feel better. But here we are... the total opposite. #NewTerritory


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That was satisfying


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What an offensive day:

242 passing yards for Peters
217 team rushing yards
112 rushing yards for Brown
113 receiving yards for Isaiah

Most points against a Big Ten opponent since 2018 (Minnesota). Most total yards against Big Ten opponent since last year (Nebraska). Guessing both of those numbers could have been pushed further if the staff didn't down throttle in the fourth quarter.
Great win!

Hopefully we get a bowl.

This is only the beginning!
Very satisfying last game. Man, so dang close to 6 this year. Have to find a QB and some OL in the transfer portal. Lets get 6+ next year
The thing I saw in this game that excites me the most for next year is that we've seen IW be a playmaker wherever he's been on the field, but this was the first time he really looked like a wide receiver, IMO.
And if I recall he is listed as a freshman still? Didn't they mention that during the game?
I went into this game not even caring about the outcome but begging for the staff to show IW he can be an all timer here and I think the staff felt the same.

I’ve said it all year keep this kid at all costs he is an athlete we just don’t normally get.

I pray he sticks around he hasn’t even scratched the surface.
It will be an interesting off-season, Illinois loses a lot of experience and starters. I think we go backwards for 2 years, unless Beilema can bring in impact transfers across sevetal positions. I hope I'm wrong.

Great to beat NU and now we need to win instate recruiting battles.
I'm not sure we regress as much as some expect. This is a great staff. When I look at our performance in game #1, the injuries, the way kids stepped up, the strides the kids made each week, the teams we beat, and how we ended the season... I think the arrow points to up. They won't have to learn a new offense and defense next year. Still big questions at QB, but we had questions at QB all year so samesies. I think we're competitive and fun to watch again.
ILLINI FOOTBALL!! Great Game! Up and down season. Disappointed at times but very happy today and optimistic about the future. Hope there are open practices in the fall. If so, will make what had become our annual 650 mile trek north to take in a couple.

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Fun game. I think we get most of our Defense back next year. I think Coach can show this tape of IW to QB's we are recruiting in the transfer portal as a reason to come.


I was a strong advocate for hiring Bielema because of his successful experience as a head coach at the Power 5 level. His first year here reminds me of Lou Holtz’ first year at Norte Dame. That team also won only 5 games and had a bunch of close losses but you could see what he was building and you could see the quality of his coaching. I have no doubt that Bielema will get it done here.