Illinois 54, Rutgers 51 POSTGAME


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Weird. And my bad, thought we were 37, maybe that was pre-Wisconsin (or just my imagination). Also, Ohio State still being 5 is hurting Kenpom’s credibility.

Yeah, I was surprised we dropped.

OSU still looks good because they just blasted teams in almost all of their wins. And when the system is based on points per possession, that's going to put you in really good shape. They beat Cincy by 8 and Kentucky by 6 but every other win was by at least 19 points.

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Cool, thanks.

When the selection committee is picking the field, I’m guessing these are used in the process?

Yeah, the NET rankings and Quad thing is pretty new but I believe they play a pretty large role in the process now.

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That was a glimpse of a tourney team right there. I'm finding myself in a weird place feeling the beloved has finally got to the point where my talk up about this team isn't bs anymore
The guy slid his hip and leg into the Illini player. It was a good call.
Not only a slight hip slide, but it has been (at least was) a point of emphasis on spreading your legs wider than your hips. I think that and Kippers illegal screen were pretty much on par for what they are supposed to call.
it kind of feels like we’re relevant again in both football and basketball. and that is sweet
I personally dont consider 6-7 in football terribly relevant. On bball if we make tourney I will agree on bbal relevancy. I dont trust these early polls....OSU was in national top 5 a few weeks ago and now they are #13 in B10. For basketball ...its early but like you, I am more optimistic.
I hate criticizing individual performances cause these are kids - but Damontes stat line today... ouch. I don’t mind AG coming off the bench but you need more from those 13 minutes.
LoL....I'm really glad we didnt miss a postgame to dig at DMW.

I really dont understand the fixation with bashing DMW and critiquing him in every game. He had about 6% of total minutes but we still scrub his stats and call him out.
Yeah..he doesnt have off stats ... but every player does important stuff that doesnt show up on a stat sheet. Everyone contributed and the whole "bench DMW" is old, IMO. If he got 30 minutes...maybe I can see critiquing...but 13? Really?

BTW...TF and AG were 2 for 17 in 53 min but played D and AG got 8 boards...good contributions.

So in summary...The whole takeaway "got to get better on these 13 min" is just a continued over critical perspective on 1 player.

Sorry about the rant...
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Neither Giorgi nor Cockburn had a foul today. Combined 59 minutes. No chicken-wing hooks, no frustration gimmes, nada.


Stat of the game. Well, other than that shooting percentage and win thing somebody might have mentioned....