Illinois 73, Northwestern 66 Postgame

Team looked like #5 for about 10 minutes and then # 105 for the rest of the game. What I really liked were Frazier and Miller hitting shots out of the gate....and Ayo hitting true jumpers (to go with one set shot) in the last 2 minutes. Ayo needs to elevate and release quickly with arms extended....and he showed as good technique as anyone in two of those last 3 shots from the perimeter. One was not a 3 but was just inside the arc. But horrendous free throw shooting and sloppy turnovers....5 by Ayo...allowed a NW team with a huge talent deficit to hang in the the final 2 minutes. For whatever reason, BU does not play Grandison and Cohawk enough for them to improve and gain confidence in how to contribute in the clutch. Curbelo was a minus player also and needs more explicit explanation...or bench time...on cutting down dumbass turnovers. But his play is a much needed boost when he his minutes become a tough problem to solve

Hopefully, with all the close games....that should not be...the team is gaining confidence in the clutch...Ayo certainly is.
Ayo continues to solidify his legacy, but this team is so immature with a lead. Total letdown again after completely dominating the game early. Must be fixed in the next week or we will not enjoy March.
Agreed...when we we're up 25 to 7, they had mulitple chances to make it a run away laugher and the just ended up turning the ball over and making terrible offensive decisions.

They've got to remain calm and start taking the wind out of these teams when they get up 10+. Continue to execute and put these lesser teams to bed.

With all that said, a win is a win and looking back over some of the terrible losses some of these other Big 10 teams have, you take it. The Big 10 is a cluster of teams that anyone can lose to at any time.

I'll take the dub.
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Ayo went full Sub-Zero in the last two minutes.
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That was a good game. We were pushed but we pushed back. I think #1 takeaway about the team this season.

We will A-L-W-A-Y-S play to the level of our competition. If they’re just ok, we’re gonna play just ok. If they are great, we are gonna push and give them our best. someone said it best when they said this team could beat almost anyone and lose to almost anyone. Good news is we are going to play some great teams in the tourney 🤟.

Good win. Ayo is clutch. Go Illini
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10 games over .500 and 11-3 in conference feels gooooooood

As well as six straight B1G wins.

Hopefully some fans can find their way to a glass is half full...rather than half empty...after the last 10 years of frustration. This team deserves lots of credit despite 5-10 minute lapses in these games. I hope they can clean those up and do something incredible.
I would like to put forth that I believe that we will win every game this year where Giorgi scores in double figures.

As well, we will win every game we play when we have four players in double figures.
I stand by this.
We will clean up the lack of focus with leads-People also need to realize how well NW played in the second half. They knocked down some really tough shots in the second half. Six in a row now. Some tough games coming up, but like where we are at.
15-5. 11-3. 6 in a row.

Someone asked Underwood a week or so ago on whether he does stop and think about having two of the all time greats in Illini history on his team right now. Tonight missed FT's kept it close, and yet, we've got another Ayo lifetime memory. While I know people will continue to critique game by game, I wanna encourage you all to just enjoy a truly special Illini team and season.
To me, an eternal optimist, I understand that the best possible outcome this year is that we are competitive in the tourney and both Ayo and Kofi get drafted in the first round. We would have a proof of concept for recruits that you can win here and that we can develop both guards and bigs for the NBA. BU already has a great track record of playing freshmen if they are good.

Tonight Ayo and Kofi each did what they could to bolster their cases for the NBA. That’s an under appreciated win for the long term health of the program.