Illinois 76, Maryland 64 Postgame

4-0 BIG

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Baltimore, MD
What a win! This game shows just how important Kofi is to the team. We easily win by 20+ if Kofi doesn't get in foul trouble in the 1st half.

But that Julian Reece, isn't he a player with his *checks notes* 4 points. He really slowed Kofi down holding him to *checks notes again* 23 and 18.
Played much better. Started to score on the inside which open thr outside shooting up. Way to finish it off. 4-0 going into the weekend.
Send Julian Reese a gift basket for waking up the beast. The teabag no-call did a helluva job firing us up. Thank you!

Nice to finally get a win over Maryland after all the heartbreaking close losses we've had against them recently. They usually have us scouted so well it seems. Give them credit for running us off the 3 pt line and credit our coaches for making the adjustments. Well, actually, the biggest adjustment was keeping Kofi on the floor in the 2nd half.