Illinois 76, Maryland 64 Postgame

The CoHawk Express is fully operational and accepts all passengers.

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Hawkins is a great rebounder when he is in position for the rebound.
And he has great hands that grab loose balls.
And his defensive assignment seems to score at will
And often when he is passed out the ball from cofi he looks like bambi
And the offense when running the other team around on defense has to start all over when the ball goes to hawk.
But every player has flaws and at least hawkins average technical per game has dropped.
Do you ever post anything positive. Hawkins was much better last night than Grandison . He is an early season sophomore, give him some time
The thing about this group of Illini... they not only are wonderfully talented on the court. They are also such NICE GUYS.

Listening to Ayo when he wore the Orange (and today on the Bulls)... listening to Trent and Kofi and DaMonte now... and all the others... they are such fine young men who respect their Coach, their craft, their school, and we the fans.

In a World as chaotic as ours today, it is refreshing to experience Illinois ball. And not just for the sweet threes and thunder dunks and dawg-tenacious ‘D’... but to be around these young men and the environment being laid down for them and us by the Coaching staff.
You say when he is position like he just randomly happened to wander to the right spot on the court....that's not how good rebounders work.
CoHawk did a great job of crashing the boards on the opposite side when Kofi went up for the shot, easy for CoHawk to out-rebound a small forward while Kofi has the 4 & 5 occupied. Even though Kofi doesn't miss that much, I hope CoHawk keeps doing that on every one of Kofi's shots.


Morrison, CO
The girl at the main entrance took one look at my MyCarle chart on my phone showing my test and I was in. Never asked for ID or anything. They did act like my 8 and 10 year old kids were criminals for not opening their coats going thru the metal detector though
1. KOFI CRUSH! what a monster.
2. love that Trent heater...its so exciting when he feels it
3. Great D by Damonte on Scott in second half
4. I like the junkyard dog play by Hawkins today
I told my buddy after the first trey from Trent, he’s gonna make another one soon.
4-0 in the BT. Watched the highlights of the 2nd half on Youttube and man it was great to see Assembly Hall err I mean State Farm Center rocking again. Every time Trent knocked down a 3 and every time Kofi threw down a monster dunk the crowd was so loud and fired up. So refreshing to see again! Lets keep this up Illini!
Me thinks the Reese dunk and the crotch thrust over Kofi that followed will be played numerous times before our next game with the Punks..... I mean Turtles.

BU will have no trouble inspiring the Illini as they head to College Park.