Illinois 88, Southern 60 Postgame



Eugene, Oregon
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I still think the road to success is with Dain starting or playing heavy minutes along with Coleman. Guerrier can still play heavy minutes, just need him off the bench to spell for Coleman and Dain. Dain has his weaknesses just like several of the players on the team, but relegating him to 5-10 minutes hurts the overall flow of the team IMHO. Having Dain down low seems to define everyone else role better.
Best Illini showing yet. Dare I say we look much better when Ty isn’t running the point? Also, Domask is starting to look like a mid major transfer. He’s a liability on D.

Dain is such a beast in the paint. We have to find ways to get him in the lineup. I’d like to see Coleman at the 4 and Dain at the 5 starting. Also no more Ty at PG.
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DGL is fine...fingers crossed on Nico, but should not be too bad-if he was in crutches would be a much worse sign.

With that being said, much better tonight. Need to take care of the ball a lot better though, still a lot to improve on
How does the staff feel about Nico? He's given us some good minutes at pg, but I can't tell if his game translates to the B1G right now.