Illinois Football Recruiting Thread (February-April 2021)

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Encouraging article on CBS Sports about BB's recruiting efforts so far. Gives some comparison to what he did at Wisconsin.
As Trieu is 247's national guy, that article means much more than one from an Illini homer.
And have we made any ground up on Rutgers for Rochelle? Thought it was heating up for a bit, but it's been quiet lately.
I'm glad that our days of having just 1 or 2 commits until June appear to be over.
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And, he committed to NW. Sucks. Landing a top 6-7 in-stater would have been quite a statement. Too bad
Woulda been a nice statement. Hurts a lot less with 3 OL already on board. Would like to see Anderson and laughery but not sure how many running backs they’d take.
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