Illinois Football Recruiting Thread (February-April 2021)

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That is great and welcome to UI. Now get Boyer and we will have a good set of TE for the future.

Indeed. Boyer plays for the club baseball team my nephew is on. 2 summers ago he was super tall, but skinny (really lanky). Anyway, was shocked to see he's now 250 (didn't see the team play last year, for some reason). Plays catcher, great arm. Clearly a VG athlete, can run. Really hope we get him.
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A different Anderson or the same one (NJ TE) that committed earlier today?

Hopefully this one

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Why ? Our QB room is super crowded and I don't think he is better than Williams. Unless he is transferring or switching positions. The same has to be said about Coran Taylor as well, who I think should be a WR.

Our crowded QB room is gonna be less crowded soon. Then, how many of those guys have a legit chance at actually being good? Williams is a huge question mark. Great runner, but he's not going to succeed with a 50% completion rate. Heard he's taken more snaps at WR lately. Sitkowsky is all about next year ('22). Gotta have a legit option to Williams. Maybe Spann will be ready, but he's a big question mark too.
Didn't he play a year under Ash? Would think BB would have pretty good insight into what he is getting with Sitkowski.
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