Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

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Glenview, IL
Huge get, both literally and figuratively!
A really impressive pick up in a time of significant question marks swirling around the program.
Is Austin Clark contributing on the recruiting front?
Let's hope he develops into a good D line coach.
Fantastic pickup!!! Adding to a solid class!! Not a big class, but solid talent.

What are our chances with Shammond? In my mind, I thought he was waiting to see how this year's squad performed ( based only on comments made in this forum) Anybody else have any additional information?
Excited about it, but I just cant understand why a decent player would commit to us now.

We are still outside of the top fifty in the country in recruiting. Need to get even more commits to make a real difference.

Edit - Our average player ranking is actually quite high, but we are way short on number of commits. Doesnt matter if we have all five star recruits if we only have 3 players on each side of the ball.
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Any word on why Jones didn't make it? Just speculation but maybe he was a Nickerson recruit??
Lovie and staff better be calling Bargy about rethinking Minny. Maybe the new D coach can also call the safety/cornerback from st. Charles.
Reading Mizzou HC getting canned. Is there a coach we can poach that will bring recruits and recruit the area well.
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