Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

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Admissions...the death of Illini athletics.
We've had this discussion many times here and someone will come on and deny it happens, but I cannot for the life of me understand how a couple athletes, who can get into most any other school across the country, so taints our pristine reputation that the administration just can't make exceptions.
Has that been confirmed. Mostly Nigerian student are good with academics. I have worked with many Nigerian college and seminarians who were top notch in academics.
Well you can tell we have a real college staff again if they're whining about admissions to anyone who will listen.

The fun Zook version of this is pretending that every kid they couldn't get in was otherwise a lock to commit to them (and then they all end up at Juco anyway). The ugly Beckman version of this is losing a recruitment and then spreading all sorts of lies about their academics via message boards as an excuse.
How does a student who spent years at another major conference school that isn’t terrible (really irks me to say that about UT because I hate them so much) not qualify academically? The only thing I can think of is he failed multiple classes but he was always eligible so that doesn’t make sense.

That WR we had committed from Oklahoma was in the same boat. They must have missed a lot of class.

Easy to be mad. I was initially. I will tell you though that Illinois is in on some dudes in the portal. I'm a bit frustrated, but not worried.

Also, would not be expecting Houston Griffith. Hopefully I am wrong.
Yeah it makes no sense a football player could get into Texas but not Illinois.
Yeah it makes no sense a football player could get into Texas but not Illinois.

To me that part makes complete sense. Like most schools UT will make it work for admissions with their athletes, especially a 4 star football player. The inability to transfer in to ILL with college credits and no failures makes no sense to me.

Think about how many people you know who transferred in credits from parkland with no issue. Is parkland really a better school than UT?

Not crapping on parkland because there’s a lot of good reason$ to transFer credits in from there, but a community college vs one of the better schools in the country? Literally no other non Ivy school in the country would be rejecting him right now.
Ayodele was a 2 time member of the Big 12 Commissioner's Honor Roll (spring 2018, spring 2020) Did he just stop going to class at the end?
GPA is baaaaaaaaaaaaad.
yea , I can believe that . It’s entirely possible (just speculating here ) that his decision to leave UT had a lot to do with academics down there vs playing time / depth chart issues .

where he ends up will be a sign whether we can agree on that . I wish him well and a new found reason to go to class & do the work . Covid has undoubtedly made that harder .
I mean, high academic standards can limit the recruits you can bring in, but it can also be a selling point. Notre Dame manages fine. Stanford brings in big recruits from time to time. Their academic standards are higher than ours, right? And for at least some of their recruits, it's a draw. It's a challenge for sure, but one that you can turn into a strength if you play it right.
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